Since the advent of the vape device, we have seen many technology trends come and go, and none absent unique issues and problems. Despite the bumps in the road, vape technologies have improved drastically, and research has yielded advanced products suited to meet the ever-increasing demand industry-wide. Enter with their signature Dipper electronic vaporizer device. Smaller than most sunglasses in the palm of your hand, and lighter than your cell phone, the Dipper is sleek in design, and simple in function.

One of the problems with vaporizers over time has been ease of use. This one could not be simpler. 5 clicks of the sole button on the device powers on/off. 3 clicks (with the device on) changes the power setting green/blue/red = hot/hotter/hottest. It comes with 3 tips, including 2 vapor tip atomizers and one quartz bowl atomizer. Each can be unscrewed and changed in the most-obvious way, and the device has only one size rubber gasket (they provide extras in the package).

Another of the big issues plaguing e-devices over time has been the difficulty in maintenance and cleaning them without generating a serious mess from soaps, cleaners, and resin. The Dipper makes it simple: inhale using one of their two device atomizer tips, and when it becomes difficult to do so, simply hold down the button for the heating element and blow back through the device until the smoke clears. It’s that simple. Of course, there are detailed cleaning instructions available with purchase and on their site for those times when you want to go deeper in your device maintenance.

 Battery life has also been a bugaboo for the vape industry, and Dipper delivers, yet again. I tested it for a week as a regular concentrate user, and never ran out of battery in a given 8-10-hour workday. It was a true lifesaver not to have to stop and charge between meetings and calls, and then all the way through late evening before bed. It was apparent to me that this was a problem Dipper was invented to solve.

 Then there is Dip Devices the company. Established in 2014, they operate out of Denver, Colorado, USA, and strive for perfection in an effort to become the leader in innovative vaporizers and accessories among our ever-evolving marketplace. They even call it out on their site, intending to “set the standard for overall customer experience.” That starts with offering a top-of-the-line product to an industry that demands perfection, and then innovating forward. It comes as no surprise that they are presently taking preorders on their much-anticipated EVRI device starter pack, their latest innovation. We at CBDirectory cannot wait to review it for you.

CBDirectory is proud to offer its full endorsement of Dip Devices, the great and innovative leader in e-vaporizers among a sea of imitators in the industry. We are also proud to specifically endorse their Dipper as our #1 electronic vaporizer for the industry for 2019. We hope you enjoy yours!

 We also hope you will take a moment to review our coupons for Dipper and for Dip Devices here at CBDirectory.