Steve’s Goods emphasizes quality and purity of ingredients in the production of their broad line of waxes, shatters, gummies, capsules, oils, topicals, and more. Their concentrates boast 95% hemp oil to 5 % natural terpenes; their gummies are potent and more flavorful than almost anything on the market. Everything they sell is natural, with no synthetic dies, fragrances, parabens, etc. We find their familial approach to building a brand-following and customer base to be authentic and wholesome. We think that’s what Steve’s Goods has done and achieved in its short existence is nothing shy of incredible.

Steve’s Goods’ products are reasonably priced – ranging from $5 to $140 in price– and inclusive of tinctures, roll-on topicals, concentrates and edibles including a luxurious infused coffee product.

They have also become a force in the product distribution, wholesale, and private label spaces. Whatever the challenge, Steve’s Goods has a solution, retail or private, to help customers and industry peers alike.

From a safety perspective, Steve’s Goods takes compliance and quality control seriously, and keeps ahead of issues by maintaining COAs for each SKU on These provide indisputable proof that their hemp oils, isolates, and distillates are free of heavy metals, chemical pesticides, and misc. residual solvents. Feel free to check out their COAs here.

In conclusion, from sourcing to shelves, and all steps in between, Steve’s Goods aggressively pursues quality and obsesses over doing the right thing. They have created a brand that is trustworthy, and a line of high-end, affordable products that make natural extract products accessible to the average person. Companies around the world should look to Steve’s Goods in the formulation of their missions and in the pursuit of social responsibility. We are proud to offer our full endorsement of Steve’s Goods and its products.

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